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"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge".
Albert Einstein

Ar. Mohammed Munavar Pasha, Principal

B.Arch from College of Fine Arts and Architecture, JNTU, Hyderabad
M. Arch from SPA, JNAFAU, Member of JNAFA University Executive Council.
  • Professional Experience spread over decades, both National and International working in projects in the U.A.E., and the USA
  • He founded his own Design Studio, ENVIRONS in 1993.
  • External Evaluation Jury Member & examiner for B. Arch Thesis in various institutions.
  • Member, Board of Studies for M.Arch Course, JNAFAU
  • Expert Speaker and Faculty at National Workshops for Students of Architecture.
  • COA Expert
  • Hon. Secretary IIA Vizag
  • Consultant: Telengana University, BCCI, AP Tourism Development Corporation, VUDA
  • Nominated for Indira Gandhi Sabdbhavana Award.

Highly Qualified Faculty from Diverse Backgrounds and Architectural Fields.

Suryanarayana Murthy
Prof. G.V.S. Suryanarayana Murthy, B.Arch, M.Arch (Conservation), SPA- New Delhi.
Shaikh Muneer
Prof. Shaikh Muneer Ahmad (Design Chair), B.Arch (Environment Design), JNTU, Hyderabad.
Mallavarapu Hanumantha Rao
Prof. Mallavarapu Hanumantha Rao, B.Arch, M.Arch, SPA, Hyderabad.
Prof. Bhrama Routa Chandra Shekhar, B.Arch, M.Arch Urban and Regional Planning, SPA- New Delhi.
Assoc. Prof. V. Manirmai, B.Arch, M.Arch (Urban Design) CEPT, Ahmedabad.
Assoc. Prof. Syed Zahid Ali Akhter, B.Arch, M.Arch (Landscape Design) SPA, New Delhi.
Assoc. Prof. Aparna Bhattacharyya, B.Arch., M.Arch, BBDU, Lucknow.
Sharmila Ganguly
Assoc. Prof. Sharmila Ganguly, B.Arch, M.Arch (Environmental Design), JNAFAU, Hyderabad.
Anupama Chetty
Assoc. Prof. Anupama Chetty, B.Arch, M.Arch (Environmental Architecture), BNCA, Pune University.
Rakesh Vasu
Assoc. Prof. Rakesh Vasu, B.Arch, M.Arch (Interior Design), JNAFAU, Hyderabad.
Pragati Srivastava
Assoc. Prof. Pragati Srivastava, B.Arch, M.Arch, BBDU, Lucknow.
Afreen Fatima
Asst. Prof. Afreen Fatima, B.Arch, M.Arch (Construction Management), JNAFAU, Hyderabad.
Asst. Prof. Rashmi Bhatt, B.Arch, PG Diploma in Town and Country Planning (OU), M.Arch (Interior Design), JNAFAU, Hyderabad.
Rama Krishna
Asst. Prof. Rama Krishna, B.Arch, JNAFAU, Hyderabad.
Asst. Prof. Monika Yadav, B.Arch, M.Plan (Industrial Area Planning and Management), CEPT, Ahmedabad.
Asst. Prof. Chintan Deliwala, B.Arch, M.Arch (Environmental Design), JNAFAU, Hyderabad.
Asst. Prof. Mounika Dhulipalla, B.Arch, M.Arch (Environmental Design), JNAFAU, Hyderabad.
Prachi Shekhar Garud
Asst. Prof. Prachi Shekhar Garud, B.Arch, M.Arch Infrastructural / International / Construction / Project Management. CEPT, Ahmedabad.
Asst. Prof. Desimsetti Venkatesh, B.E, M.Tech., (Structural Engineering), JNTUK, Kakinada.
Asst. Prof. Srinivas Rao, B.Arch, M.Arch (Environmental Design), JNAFAU, Hyderabad.
Syeda Afshan
Asst. Prof. Syeda Afshan, B.Arch, PG Diploma in Town and Country Planning OU, Hyderabad.
Mohammed Safder Ali
Asst. Prof. Mohammed Safder Ali, B.Arch, M.Arch (Construction Management), JNAFAU, Hyderabad.
Mohammed Abdul Muqeem
Asst. Prof. Mohammed Abdul Muqeem, B.Arch, M.Arch (Construction Management), JNAFAU, Hyderabad.
Faizan Ali Khan
Asst. Prof. Faizan Ali Khan, B.Arch, Master’s in City Planning IIT, Kharagpur.
Sahabaz Quadri
Asst. Prof. Sahabaz Quadri, B.Arch, M.Arch (Recreation Architecture), JMI University, New Delhi.
Nandam Jagadeesh
Asst. Prof. Nandam Jagadeesh, B.Tech, M.Tech (Construction Technology & Management), KL University, Vijayawada.
Aziz Khan
Ar. Aziz Khan Assistant Professor, B.Arch, M.Arch (Environmental Design), JNAFAU, Hyderabad.
Asst. Prof. Meghana Chettipelli, B.Arch. Environmental Design. JNAFAU, Hyderabad
Sevitha Chowdary
Asst. Prof. Sevitha Chowdary, B.Arch, PG Diploma in Urban Planning & Development, M.Arch (Interior Design), JNAFAU, Hyderabad.
Shruthi D
Asst. Prof. Shruthi, D B.Arch, M.Arch. JNAFAU, Hyderabad.
Khusboo Khanna
Asst. Prof. Khusboo Khanna, B.Arch, M.Arch JMI University, New Delhi.
Majeed Basha
Asst Prof. Er. Majeed Basha, B.Tech (Facilities & Services Planning) JNAFAU, Hyderabad.

Visiting Faculty

Manikonda Veda Kumar
Professor Er. Manikonda Veda Kumar, B.Tech, MURP, JNAFAU, Hyderabad.
B.Ram Divakar
Assoc. Prof. B. Ram Divakar, B.Arch, M.Arch (Industrial Design), IIT Mumbai.
Pallavi Ravindra
Assoc. Prof. Pallavi Ravindra Anchuri, B.Arch, M.Arch. (Interior Design), CSIIT, Hyderbad.
Jeevan Mohan
Ar. Jeevan Mohan, Assoc. Prof. B.Arch, M.Arch, University of Nottingham, UK.
Rajender Kumar
Ar. Rajender Kumar, Assoc. Prof. B.Arch, M.Arch, (Urban Design) CEPT, Ahmedabad.
Manoj Wahi
Ar. Manoj Wahi, Assoc. Prof. B.Arch, JNAFAU, Hyderabad.
Asst. Prof. Navin Kumar, B.Arch, M.Arch (Construction Management), JNAFAU, Hyderabad.
Trinadh Kumar
Ar. P. Trinadh Kumar, Asst. Prof., B.Arch, M.Arch (Technology Research Group), State University of New York, USA.
Jagdish Kumar
Asst. Prof. Jagdish Kumar Satyam, B.ARCH, M.Arch, Cept, Ahmedabad.
Asst. Prof. Ar. Chaitanyalakshmi, B.Arch, JNTU PG Diploma in Urban Planning, IGNOU, Hyderabad.

Administration Department

K.Suresh, MCA, Public Relations Officer.
uday kumar
T.Uday Kumar, MCA, Administrative Officer.
C.Sathyavathi, MCA, Admin Assistant.
Shambunath, B.Com, Admin Assistant.
Chakradhar Maddela
Chakradhar Maddela, B.Com, MLISc. Librarian.

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning”

Brad Henry