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The President of India gave the consent to the Right to Information Act-2005 on 15-06-2005 and the same has come into existence with effect from 12-10-2005. As per the provisions of the RTI act-2005, a citizen can ask for the information in relation to a public authority which is established, constituted, owned, controlled or substantially financed by funds provided directly or indirectly by the State Government by an application to the Public Information Officer. This right is conferred on the citizens of India only.

In this connection, the Institution has constituted RTI Cell to empower the students, teaching and non-teaching staff, promote transparency and accountability.

S. No. Name Designation Position
1. Ar. Prof. J.Gayatri Principal Chairman
2. Ar. Ram Chandra Prasad Professor PIO
3. Ar. Maria Aldrin Associate Professor APIO
4. Ar.Monika Yadav Associate Professor Member
5. Ar. Pragati Exam Branch Member
6. Mr.Uday kumar A O Member


For any information please contact:,

Phone Number (s): 9121155517 / 9121155518


  • To bring transparency, answerability in the administration and functionality of the institution
  • To provide information about the institution, faculty and students to all stake holders
  • To provide free shareable information about the institution data
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